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Instructions for using the Henrik database

HENRIK is a relational database consisting of eleven different tables. Books notated in estate inventory deeds and auction protocols are given in separate tables, as is data about auctions, estate inventories and persons. Main information about books and persons are given in the search result. Additional information can be retrieved using the links presented in the search result.

Keywords are either general (like religion or textbook) or specific words (like horses). We also recommend using the operators AND, OR and NOT for advanced searches.

Some names have several entries due to the use of several different forms of personal names in the source text. However, some categorisation of terms has been attempted concerning, for instance, the spelling of names.

Professions are only in Finnish and Swedish.

Uniform titles are in Finnish: Laws - Lait, Bible - Raamattu, Psalm book - Virsikirja and Catechism - Katekismus.

Other words in Finnish that might be useful when using HENRIK are HUOM - note, voi olla - might be, myös - also and tai - or.

Sources & Literature

Bouppteckningar i Helsingfors stad 1679–1808 utgivna av Birger Åkerblom. Skrifter utgivna av Genealogiska samfundet i Finland 13–15. Helsingfors, 1937–1943.

Oulun kaupungin perunkirjoituksia. Julkaissut Alf Brenner 1653–1800. Suomen sukututkimusseuran julkaisuja 25, 1–3.Tampere, 1963–1966.

Helsinki City Archive, Auction protocols 1737–1809.

The Finnish National Library, Svenska Litteratursällskapet i Finland, Henrik Grönroos Collection, 1000.

The text of a source is presented in the source text field. Supplementary information is marked off in brackets. Material in parentheses indicates comments made by Henrik Grönroos.

Information about persons can be retrieved from auction protocols and estate inventory deeds. In some cases data has been inserted from the HisKi database provided by The Genealogical Society of Finland. This kind of data is marked with the letter H.

All other data about books has been entered by the producers of this database.

Some notes on source criticism

HENRIK is a database of source references. There might occur errors in the data due to the complexities of the production process. This has to be taken into consideration when using HENRIK for scientific purposes. When analysing data about numbers of copies and language, a certain margin of error should be taken into account. If a specific piece of information is used as a source, we strongly recommend using the original source material in the archives.